Specialist Consultancy Services

Supporting Legacy Sites and Nuclear New Build

Strategic Project and Programme Management

  • Strategic project and programme management, from the strategy development phase to implementation planning
  • Supporting Legacy Sites (waste and decommissioning programmes) and Nuclear New Build projects (DWMP/ FDP preparation and management)
  • Management and integration of complex, multi-disciplinary strategic projects in a regulated environment

Strategy Development and Planning

  • Preparing/ authoring NDA Topic Strategies and Licensee/ Developer waste and decommissioning strategies (including for Nuclear New Build projects)
  • Preparing options assessments, business cases, implementation plans, consultation papers and responses, and briefs to support decision making
  • Strategic project/ programme design e.g. production of documentation including plans, proposals, specifications, cost estimates and schedules

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans including media packs, key messages and press releases
  • Public speaking, performing the role of expert spokesperson e.g. at site stakeholder groups, local community meetings, stakeholder workshops, consultation events, etc.
  • Workshop design and facilitation, acting as an independent consultant

Innovation and Concept Development

  • Identifying concepts, approaches and cost reducing strategies for possible application at Client sites
  • Appraising waste and decommissioning trends and formulating programme lifecycle innovations
  • Testing novel approaches through structured engagement with senior internal and external stakeholders

Waste Route Development and Optimisation

  • Specialist consultancy support on waste route development and optimisation
  • Permitting waste routes including regulatory and stakeholder engagement e.g. for Near Surface Disposal facilities
  • Development of integrated decommissioning and waste management strategies

Policy and Regulatory Framework Support

  • Developing and support with implementing regulatory engagement plans
  • Supporting officials and regulators with the drafting of policies, strategies, plans and guidance
  • Advice on waste classification schemes, risk informed approaches and identification of boundary wastes

International Learning and Experience

  • Expert knowledge of international experience in developing and implementing policies, strategies and plans for decommissioning, radioactive waste management and disposal
  • Assessing the viability of approaches from other countries to application in the UK
  • Applying lessons from other countries to policy/ strategy development in England, Scotland and Wales

Technical Support Services

  • Technical writing service – producing clear, concise and easy to understand documents
  • Support to Client bid preparation including specialist advice on enhancing proposals
  • Participation and input to workshops, review groups, oversight panels, committees, working groups, etc.

Independent Review Services

  • Providing an independent peer review service
  • Document review and verification to Client procedures
  • Review of strategies and plans against industry practice and guidance