Background - Dr Adam Meehan

Dr Meehan is an independent consultant specialising in strategic support to Clients across the nuclear industry. He provides a delivery focussed, stakeholder sensitive approach based on partnership working with Client organisations. He is a recognised specialist in strategy development and planning with circa 20 years experience in nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management, having spent the majority of his career supporting the UK's Magnox nuclear sites.

Trusted by senior industry Clients to lead stakeholder sensitive projects, he has a track record of delivery in a complex, regulated environment. Open to change, he champions innovation and embraces new approaches. He brings experience as a member of EnergySolutions' Magnox Parent Body Organisation (PBO), and a former Lead Environment Regulator with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), to the development of safe, secure, sustainable and cost efficient solutions.

Adam was born in Liverpool. He read Physics at the University of Manchester and obtained a Masters in Applied Radiation Physics from the University of Birmingham, graduating top of his class and Fremlin prize winner. He went on to complete an industry funded Doctorate in the Characterisation of Land Contaminated by Radioactivity at Nuclear Power Stations from the University of Birmingham, whilst working full-time within a specialist plant and environmental measurement team at the Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories in Gloucestershire. He is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Physicist, a Member of the Institute of Physics and a Member of the Association for Project Management.



The Launch of Genesis Nuclear Ltd.

Dr Meehan performed specialist strategic roles on the Magnox PBO for almost 10 years. Following the conclusion of the Magnox/ RSRL PBO competition, he supported the successful transition of the Magnox PBO to the Cavendish Fluor Partnership, at which point an opportunity for change arose which enabled him to fulfill a long held ambition.

Genesis Nuclear Ltd. ('Genesis') was launched in February 2015 to provide strategic support and consultancy services to Clients across the nuclear industry. The business provides independent consultancy services on radioactive waste management and nuclear decommissioning, including support for new nuclear development.

Adam is working collaborating with a select group of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the nuclear industry, to benefit from mutually supportive capabilities, skills and experience, and where necessary can offer a more comprehensive consultancy service to satisfy Client needs and aspirations, for example to support larger projects.

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Client orientated and delivery focussed

Sustainable, environmentally sound solutions

Ethical approach to business

Sensitive to stakeholder needs and expectations

Partnership working and collaboration to deliver value-added outcomes

The Genesis Brand

The Genesis logo is designed to reflect Adam's values and principles. The green resonates with his sustainable and environmental views on nuclear clean-up and waste management, whilst the flash of orange is a 'hat-tip' to the nuclear reaction itself. The free flowing Genesis font reflects creativity, innovation and open minded approach to problem solving.

The short form Genesis "G" with new growth denotes new beginnings, reflecting the establishment of Genesis Nuclear Ltd and is also a reference to new nuclear development in the UK. It also resembles a torch shining light upon strategic issues, attesting to Adam's ability to bring clarity to complex sitatuions.

The Genesis Nuclear brand is intended to evoke a range of thoughts; there are connotations of intent, new beginnings and creativity. It is also designed to suggest an ethical, environmentally sound and sustainable approach to nuclear development and waste management. Adam firmly believes that good ideas come from all manner of places - the company name and logo were conceived during a conversation with his girlfriend in a tailback on the M6 motorway!